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Our Family


Wesley was born and raised in Seiling OK. His family farms and has a feed store. He met his wife Kristen at Oklahoma State while they were both studying Agronomy. Kristen’s family has a farm and has black angus cattle. Wesley and Kristen moved to Nebraska after they were married to learn more about different agricultural methods. However it was always their dream to have a farm of their own.

Brae Ranch Green Logo


In 2019 we purchased a few cows and started to think we need to move back to oklahoma, be closer to family, and get serious about raising livestock. In 2021 we decided to move back to Oklahoma and make our dream a reality. We purchased some land and called it Brae Ranch. Why Brae Ranch? Well our home and ranch is on and around several hills, actually one of the highest points in Dewey County. The word Brae means long hill so we thought Brae Ranch fit perfectly. We now have Red Angus cattle, Spanish and Spanish/Boer goats. Our goal is to utilize our experiences and knowledge to produce the best quality meat in a convenient, sustainable way.

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